Photo Gallery

Club photos

*NEW*  Richmond and Murdunna (September 2021)

Display at Sandown Nursing Home (August 2021)

Pancakes at Oatlands (June 2021)

Picnic at Ross (May 2021)

St. Patrick’s Day at Kangaroo Bay (March 2021)

TWO-WAY TAXI TRUCKS South East Rally (January 2021)

Parliament Lawn Display (January 2021)

New Year’s Day 2021 at Cradoc (January 2021)

Dunalley Hotel (October 2020)

Jackson Park, Murdunna (September 2020)

Richmond-Midway Point (August 2020)

Hawthorn Lodge (March 2020)

Hamilton Show (March 2020)

Penny Farthings Tour (February 2020)

Australia Day at New Norfolk (January 2020)

Two-Way Taxi Trucks South East Rally (January 2020)

New Year’s Day at Cradoc (January 2020)

Drive to Cradoc (December 2019)

Orford – with the Jaguar Car Club (September 2019)

Richmond and Oatlands – with the Veteran Car Club  (June 2019)

Margate Train and Longley Hotel  (June 2019)

Burnie Tour (June 2019)

Picnic at Ross (April 2019)

Buckland and Orford (April 2019)

Bishop Davies Court (April 2019)

Gretna Green Hotel (March 2019)

St. Patrick’s Day at Richmond (March 2019)

PVCC at the Clarence Car Show (March 2019)

Evandale and Scottsdale Tour (February 2019)

Wrest Point South East Rally (January 2019)

Parliament Lawn Display (January 2019)

Hawthorn Lodge at Bushy Park, and New Norfolk (December 2018)

Picnic at Tynwald Park, New Norfolk, and display at Corumbene Nursing Home (October 2018)

Display at Channel Museum, Margate (September 2018)

Run to Ida Bay Railway (September 2018)

Father’s Day Lunch at South Arm Golf/RSL Club (September 2018)

Run to Brighton and Lunch at Huntington Tavern, Kempton (August 2018)

Display at Regis Nursing Home (August 2018)

Picnic at Ross (May 2018)

Drive to Buckland,  Paratta and Oatlands (April 2018)

North West Coast Tour (March 2018)

Woodbridge School Twilight Fair Display  (March 2018)

Model Park Display (March 2018)