Origins of the PVCC

The club was founded in 1975, when a group of enthusiasts decided a club was needed to cater for vehicles manufactured from 1930 onwards and up to twenty years old.  Although the term “Post Vintage” strictly speaking refers to a specific time frame, for the purposes of our club it encompasses all vehicles post 1929 up to twenty years old.  The club’s first constitution was completed in March 1975.

A glance through early club newsletters tells us that in these early days almost all the cars were from the ‘30s, ‘40s and ‘50s.  These days, with the passing of time, vehicles manufactured in the ‘70s, ‘80s, ‘90s and even the year 2000 are now fully fledged club vehicles.  Some current club cars were not even built when the club was formed!

The first club newsletter was issued in August 1975 in a small A5 format, with no specific title as yet.  There was no club emblem, that would follow later.  No editor, the club secretary was responsible for putting the newsletter together.  The name “Wheels Within” was first used on issue 3, December 1975.

Members were invited to put forward their ideas and suggestions for a club emblem – this was run as a competition with two prizes: a set of Minimax sockets and a lube service at Motors in Hunter Street (now there’s a bit of Hobart history that has since disappeared).  The winning design was submitted by Mr. Michael Yaxley, consisting of a 1937 Cord automobile within a map of Tasmania – it is still the club emblem today.  The Cord emblem was also first used on the cover of the third newsletter.  It may possibly be a myth, but many years ago a story went around that the Cord was chosen because it was so rare and valuable that no club member would ever own one, hence no favouritism.  To this day, there has not been a Cord in the club.

At first there was no organised events calendar, with members meeting informally once a month at Salamanca Place on Sundays, from where a drive to a picnic or counter lunch would follow.

Some of the great events organised by the club over the years have been the annual concours, car shows and displays, rallies and tours in Tasmania and on the mainland, annual children’s Christmas parties, Hobart to Woodbridge Rally (with the Veteran Car Club), South East Rally, and the establishment and running for several years of the annual Picnic at Ross.

We would imagine the original 1975 founders of the club would be pleased to know that nearly 50 years later the PVCC is still going – even thriving some may say.  Here’s to another 50 years.